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How Do I Add Students? (FTC)

The "Add a Student" feature is only available for teachers with student seats.


To add student to your class first make sure you have already added a class.

Once a class is set up you can add students to that class either one by one or in bulk.


1. One by One

  • Go to the class page you want to add students to
  • Click the "Add a Student" button. It looks like this : 
  • Fill the details of your student. Make sure you are allowed to share that information with school providers.



2. In bulk

  • Prepare your student roster in CSV. Use this template.
  • In CoderZ, go to the class page you want to add students to
  • Hover over the students number and click the Pencil icon. It looks like this:  
  • Check the Upload a CSV box and click the "Upload File" button
  • Choose the student roster you've prepared
  • Click Done 
  • Your students will receive your invitation by email with a unique registration link, You will receive a notification email as well. 



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