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The Color Sensor


The Color Sensor is used to detect colors or light intensity. The sensor is very useful for both line following and obstacle detection.


The color sensor can distinguish between colors or measure the intensity of the reflected light, making it ideal for line following. By emitting its own light, the sensor can work even in absolute darkness to determine the color or brightness of the surface. 

When facing forward, the light intensity will change when nearing an obstacle. This behavior of the color sensor is used for obstacle detection, turning the color sensor into a proximity sensor. Note that this will work only for short distances of 2 cm or less between the sensor and an obstacle. For greater distances, we recommend using the Ultrasonic Sensor.


Want to see the color sensor's beam?

Use the keyboard shortcut!

Hit 'c' on your keyboard to see exactly where the robot's color sensor is pointing.



See also:

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